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Each piece is created using a Red Earthenware Clay. The clay has a high Hourglass Sand content to create a very dense smooth clay body. I use the wheel and slab to create all my art. After I create the structure of the piece it then must be trimmed and dried.  Before I do the industry standard of a bisque firing, I glaze with a base gaze, as many as three coats. I use a commercial lead-free underglaze to start. It is a simple clay-base glaze with colors added to create a wide array of eye-popping shades. I apply 3 solid layers of underglaze, 3 layers of the design coat, and 3 layers of coloring in the design outline. Each piece is carefully loaded into and fired in an electric oxidation kiln for a period of 12 hours reaching an incredible temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Kiln then needs to cool for another 12 hours before the pieces can be removed. The firing process alone takes 24 hours.

After the “bisque” is complete, I then apply the final 3 clear coats of glaze. In total, I will apply 12 layers of glaze to each piece before it is finished. This technique allows me to showcase bold and bright colors over a surface that would normally swallow all color, due to the red clay. After the final 3 coats of clear are applied, I then fire a second time for another 24-hour cycle.

Due to the time and detail applied to each and every piece, my art takes a minimum of 6 weeks to be completed and sold.

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