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I am a one-woman operation. I have been creating and selling my Contemporary Southwest Style Pottery for over 35 years out of my studio in Glorieta, New Mexico.  All of my work is handmade, one piece at a time, by me. I am the sole owner and operator of my business. My style and techniques are very unique and specialized. I primarily work with wheel and slab style pottery, to create a durable food-safe piece of art for you to enjoy for years to come.

I can be found on the Santa Fe plaza every other week since 1998 on the northwest corner, amongst several other artists, a privilege which I am granted via the City of Santa Fe.  I am associated with The Northern New Mexico Fine Arts and Crafts Guild. They hold and host 5 arts and crafts events each summer. I also make the incredible voyage cross-country all the way from New Mexico to Veneta, Oregon to take part in the Oregon Country Fair, an event that has been going on for over 50 years.

I am a dedicated and hard-working artist who strives to create some of the most masterful yet functional works of art in the state.

Thank you for visiting!

-Lynda Feman

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